During our Closed Beta everything is FREE if you have a promo code. You can get one through an invitation to watch a screener or just reach to us and ask for one.

Market and promote your catalog the smart way.

Easily upload your film files, share screeners with the people you want and monitor the screener activity at any time.


Sharing screeners isn't easy when you're using multiple tools and services, so we went and built something that is easy to use and integrates simply with your everyday workflow.

  • Screener access linked to e-mail invitation.
  • No registration required for screener playback.
  • Real-Time geolocated screener access notifications.
  • Link your Facebook or Google contacts.
  • No weekly storage limits.
  • Upload films without size restrictions.
  • No bandwidth caps.
  • HD film files playback through adaptive streaming.
  • Connect your Dropbox account for easy file access.
  • Avoid uploading files to multiple services.
  • Don't wait forever for an upload to finish, we'll let you know.
  • Verify playback quality before playing
  • Two contextual and dynamic watermarks embedded on each screener.
  • User e-mail and screener identifier watermark.
  • Date, playback number and invitation ID watermark.
  • Independent from each other and changing position every 2 seconds.
  • Monitor access and playbacks for all your screeners independently.
  • Track invitations and convertions into screeners watched.
  • Learn where people skip or replay the film.
  • Disable invitations, users or screeners at your convenience.
  • Responsive multiplatform website.
  • Manage and update invitations and screener access.
  • Multiple browser supported video playback.
  • Mobile video streaming beta opt-in available.

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